Now available: DATEX II version 3.4 and full UVARBox support!

We are pleased to announce that the new DATEX II v3.4 is available as of now.  The main changes compared to v3.3 are: 

  • The TrafficRegulation namespace was significantly updated to support the outcomes of the UVARBox project as well as some complementary new requirements.  
  • The new namespace ControlledZone was added as a complement to TrafficRegulation, to provide specialisations for controlled access zones as used in UVARBox. 
  • The FaultAndStatus namespace has now been updated to improve its design and meet additional requirements. 

The convenience packages for the DATEX II models are provided both as EAP and QEA format, because of Enterprise Architect 16 release.

Check version 3.4 out now: 

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